Thursday, May 22, 2014

Review: Craftybase - Online Inventory Software

Some of the questions that a small business owner has is how do you handle inventory tracking?

I tried the paper and pen, I can’t seem to keep track because I have so many items! I also lose the paper a lot too! I decided that I wanted to try out an online database inventory tracker.

It is a very simple looking website. After reviewing their features, I thought that it’s pretty simple and straight forward. I didn’t need all the bells and whistles, and gave it a try!

They give you two different options, Hobby and Pro. I actually started out in Hobby, I wasn’t sure if I need the Pro version. But after using the Hobby trial for a week, I decided that I need the Pro version.  I emailed them to ask if it was okay to try out the Pro version. They were quick to respond and gave me a week more to try out the Pro version.

After using it for many months now, I am still recommending it. It does cost per month, but for me, it’s worth it!

Check out their listed features here.

But here are the reasons that I love about Craftybase:

Inventory Tracking:
It’s not just for what you’ve made.
Track your materials! After a trip to the store or online purchase, I always make sure that I enter all the items/products into my materials list! To me, this takes so long, but it is so important!
It also lets you know if you’re running low based on what your running low means.

Product Batch Recipe:
I love this part! This is why the inventory/material tracking is so important! When I finish with an item, I enter the project into Craftybase, then I enter the materials that I used. This way I can accurately price my products!  I don’t have to take out paper and pen, try to remember how much I bought this and this, and then try to figure out an equation then… typing that out is already complicated enough! Why make it so difficult on yourself?
You can also set your hourly wage, and you can incorporate the cost of labor into your total price.

For every sale I make, I enter it in. This gives me an accurate amount of how much I am making and how much I am spending.  This makes it a lot easier when it’s tax time.

Mobile Intergration:
I love how it’s so easy to use even on my smartphone! I don’t always bring all my products to craft shows, and if someone says, “do you have another one of this?” and I don’t have it at the show, I can check the mobile website and let the possible buyer know if I do have another or not! How easy is that?

Last and MOST important part!!
Customer Service:
I can rave about how great they are. They respond within 12 hours, and they’re across the pond! They are always open to suggestions, and they’re just really great when it comes to answering your questions!

These are many reasons why I am still using Craftybase!
Are you interested in trying out Craftybase?
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The great thing is, not only do you receive 10% off a month, I do too - if you do sign up, let me know! So I can personally thank you! :-)

How do you track your inventory? Do you use another online inventory software? Do you have any recommendations for other readers?

Disclaimer:  This review does have referral links. I am not compensated for this review by Craftybase, other than if you decide to use Craftybase using my referral link to get 10% off, I will receive 10% off as well. All opinions are my own. 

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