Ni-Chern Designs is donating 20% of proceeds of jigsaw puzzle fabric products to KidsTLC! 


KidsTLC is one of Kansas City’s largest organizations providing children with a continuum of care through innovative and successful psychiatric treatment, community outreach, outpatient behavioral health, autism and wellness programs. Services are focused on evidence-based therapies and trauma-informed care, with a strong emphasis on family wellness and preserving the family unit.
KidsTLC continues to respond to the growing needs of children in the Kansas City Metro area by adding critically needed services that fill community gaps and alleviate wait times for families to receive care. Programs help children heal on all levels through innovative therapeutic treatment philosophies; chaplaincy services; expressive therapies such as art, play and music therapy; and through a wealth of opportunities to improve the physical health of clients including the movement towards integrating our mental health services with local health clinics that provide physical health services, increased nutrition/wellness education, and opportunities for physical exercise.

Lucky 13 Rescue takes in unwanted, stray, and lost pets in the Kansas City and surrounding areas.

I met one of the co-founders, Mandy, of Lucky 13 Rescue a while ago through some handmade connections.  When I heard she was creating Lucky 13 Rescue, I wanted to be able to help out with her new adventure! So, Ni-Chern Designs donates dog collars to Lucky 13 Rescue. All newly adopted dogs will receive a brand new Ni-Chern Designs dog collar!

You are always welcome to donate on their website! Or even buy from their Amazon wishlist, and everything will be delivered directly to them!

If you are interested in a Ni-Chern Designs dog collar, check them out here! Use code “lucky13”, 10% of your purchase will be donated to Lucky 13 Rescue!

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