Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dog Collars and Name Change Decisions

If you follow me on instagram, facebook, or twitter, you may have seen the dog collars that I made for my brothers' dogs.
photo by my sister in law
Here are the dogs in action (kind of).
I think it's absolutely charming if I say so myself!! ;)

I really enjoyed making them, and I would like to add a line of dog/cat collars (and leashes) to my shop. This is where I would like you opinion. Do you think I should open another shop or keep it under the accessories that I have?  I have also been playing with the idea of changing my business name all together to something like Nicole Wall Studios or Nicole Wall Accessories -- then having different lines under that. 
I love my Chinese name and it was a big step for me to embracing my Chinese side when I started the business, but it's not easy for people to say or to share. So, I think this is a big move for me if this is what I decide to do. 

What do you think? 


Cindy said...

I was surprised to see how big the dogs are. The photo made the collars look small. haha

I very much think you should add this line as long as there are no weird liability issues if someone's dog chokes or something... which wouldn't be your fault, but people are so lawsuit-happy! :(

Also, you may want to consider a name update. I love the history of your name, but even after asking you once or twice I still can't remember exactly how to pronounce it. That's MY problem, not YOURS, but it may be a similar issue with other people. ? (This coming from someone whose last name is 10 letters long. LOL)


Carolyn Adams said...

LOVE the dog collars and I think you should open up a section of your current shop for them. Opening up a new shop would be double the work and double the marketing.

I love your company name and don't think you should change it. It's very unique and your tags and over all look/ brand is very recognizable.

Don't overthink thing - you are naturally awesome!

Jen B. said...

Add a pet accessory section to your current line and keep the name! You've worked so hard to build what you have. If you change your name you would be starting over in a sense.